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Arslan Abid Naich
Advocate High Court

A professional Lawyer specialised in civil Litigation and criminal litigation and a prominent member of Karachi Bar Assosiation and Member of American Bar Association. being an Advocate of High Courts he is Experienced in Constituional, General and Special Laws of Pakistan, In addition to these he takes part in complex multi-party litigation involving huge volumes of evidence and difficult issues of law and fact, Being a lawyer involves in advising clients on Legal Issues and representing them in legal proceedings.

LL.M (Master Of Laws) ,
LL.B (Bachelor Of Laws),
B.Sc (Bachelor Of Science).


Our partnership, unified experience and expertise may assure best possible results in your legal matters.

Muzamil Hassan

Advocate High Court

(B.Sc, LL.B)

An experinced cooprate litigation lawyer with excellent experince in criminal and family litigation, handles company cases and family law cases including, child custody matters, khulla, maintenance, and in criminal cases handles criminal trails and appeals.

Ahsan Abid Naich

Advocate High Court

(B.Sc, LL.B)

A litigation lawyer, experinced in civil and Family Litigation, and having good experince in high court cases and appeals, he has good track record of having most of the suits decreed in favour, with good abilities of focusing on every detail of case for its smooth disposal he has achived good success.

M.Nawaz Chandio

Advocate High Court

(B.A, LL.B)

A professional experinced legal consultant and litigation lawyer, handles cases of civil litigation, rental cases, banking offences, registration of legal documents and family law cases. having good experince of high court appeals and revisions.

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