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Our Practice Areas 

We are Specialised in Litigation and focusd on Criminal law, Civil law and Family laws.

Criminal litigation

We offer advice and representation on all areas of criminal law, including: Cyber Crime Cases, False charges of some offence, caught speeding, facing a ban, wrongfull arrest, representation at a court of law.

Civil Litigation

We defend all type of civil rights in the court of law. including landlord and tenant dispute or property battle,Financial injury cases, property disputes, Employment or labor disputes , Education law disputes , Contratual disputes.

Family Cases

our Law Chamber can help you with cases involving: Family Disputes Succession (Inheritance) Child Custody divorce ,Khula, maintenance.

Cyber crime cases

We are specialised in cyber laws we handle all cyber crime cases including, cyber terrorism, identity theft and all offences comes in the ambit of cyber laws.

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