Our Practice Areas

Our Law Chamber can help if you’re going through a divorce, child custody or child support proceedings, or have been charged with a crime. We offer a free consultation so that you can evaluate your options with no financial risk

Criminal Law

our Law Chamber can help you with cases involving:

-Wrongful Death
-Workplace Harassment 
-Police Harassment
-Criminal trespass
-Criminal Force/Assault
-Serious injuries 
-Fake corruption Allegation 

Civil Law

our lawyers can help you with cases involving:
-Commercial matters
-Insurance policies and recovery
-Landlord/tenant issues
-Environmental litigation

Family Laws

our Law Chamber can help you with cases involving:
-Family Disputes
-Family Cases
-Succession (Inheritance)

Legal Notice 

We do send Legal Notices on behalf of our Clients through our Law office. Notice is the legal concept describing a requirement that a party be aware of legal process affecting their rights, obligations or duties.

Legal drafting

We do professional Legal Drafting if you involve us as your Advocate or assign us a task to draft for you a Legal document.

our lawyers can draft all type of Legal documents.

Legal documents Review

We Offer Legal Documents Review in categories based on the pages we are specialised in legal documentation and we provide document reviews to our clients for their peace of mind in any legl transaction or in any other legal requirement .