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How Much Time It can take to finalise the case?

Each Case has its own length of time, civil cases are much time consuming than the Criminal Cases and family cases are diffrent in time lenght then aforesaid. the time depends on the both parties, and on judge weather he doesnot wants the cases to spread over months and years.

How do We Set Our fees?

Legal fees are set and determined by an agreement or contract between the attorney and the client. The agreement as to what the attorney is to do and how much the client is to pay may be oral or in writing. The amount of the fee and the basis for the charge are determined by a number of factors:
-The amount of time spent on your problem
-The attorney’s ability, experience, and reputation
-The results obtained
-Overhead costs such as secretarial and para-professional assistance‚ investigators‚ and other personnel
-Your ability to pay
-Fixed fee, in which a specific amount is agreed upon for a known service, such as divorce, bankruptcy, will, Bail, contract, and defense of a criminal charge.
Contingent fee, in which the attorney receives a percentage of an amount recovered on the client’s behalf. The client always is expected to pay any out-of-pocket expenses incurred in prosecuting the litigation.

Can I be released on bail?

Bail is the posting of security to ensure your appearance in court. Admittence to bail depends upon the Allegation and the depth of that aleged facts and its correctness, bail also depends upon the fact that the offence alleged is either bailable or non bailable, and The amount of bail is determined by the court.

Can you guarantee a result?

No Lawyer can ethically guarantee a result.

If a lawyer guarantees a result, they must be asked to put it in writing. If they refuse to do so , they lied.
this profession implies a lawyer that he must be straight with his clients, one who gives the bad news as well as the good in the same manner, the hardwork and total interest of a lawyer in his legal capacity does actully matters

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